All new and returning clients MUST register for boarding & daycare:

The Pet Parent Portal can be accessed via: – (click sign-up)
Invite Code: 244856

This is no “kennel.” Our pets are family – and you wouldn’t put your parents or kids up in a cold, dark hotel room, why your pet? We understand that leaving your pet behind can be stressful, not only for you, but for your pet. Treat your dogs to a bright, sunny suite. You’ll find a more relaxed pet upon your return. Chatfield Boarding staffers not only look after your pet while your gone, but our staff also gives the same level of attention, and love that you would. Perks include:

  • Up to three outside romps a day
  • Toys, treats, interaction with staff, luxury suites
  • Extra play dates with doggy daycare dogs if appropriate
  • Doggy webcams for you to “virtually view” your dog

Please be aware that there are specific requirements for your pet to be eligible for Boarding and Daycare at our facility. Please see the Requirements tab for an explanation of those requirements.

Drop Off / Pick Up Times As Follows:

  • Monday-Friday: 6:45am – 5:45pm
  • Saturday: 7:30am – 12:30pm (drop offs and pick-ups) 4:00pm – 5:30pm (pick-ups only)
  • Sunday: 7:00am – 10:30am OR 4:00pm – 5:30pm (pick-ups only)

NOTE: If your pet has a reservation for boarding please be sure you fill out the required forms for the boarding stay.

Pricing Information

  • $58.00/night for one dog
  • $44.00/night for any additional dog
  • $9.50/day for medication administration (please note this also includes any supplements as we still have to ensure your pet took them) **ALL MEDICATIONS NEED TO BE BROUGHT IN ORIGINAL BOTTLE IT WAS PRESCRIBED TO YOU IN.
  • $3.00/night for house food feedings (keeping your pet on their original diet is always recommended to avoid any potential GI upset.)

Any pet picked up after 11:00am will be charged for a half-day.

What happens if there is an emergency with your pet during their boarding stay?

If your pet is boarding with us and an emergency arises we will absolutely provide care for them to the best of our ability. We do not expect you as our client to try to coordinate care while you are away. We will always try to contact you first to determine how you would like us to proceed with treatment. This is why it is important for you to fill out a boarding consent form for each visit that informs us how you would like us to handle emergencies should they arise and what to do in the event you cannot be reached.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the boarding staff directly at 720-257-3083 OR


To help ensure the fun and safety of all of our campers we require that all dogs be up to date on the following:

Rabies vaccine

DHPP vaccine

Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine) – administered annually

Influenza (covers strains H3N8 and H3N2)- administered annually – This vaccine is not part of the DHPP combo vaccine. It is a separate vaccine that prevents two different strains of the Influenza virus. If a pet has not had it before it is administered as a two-part vaccine. Once the first one is administered, it is recommended that the second one be administered at least 2-4 weeks later, but no later than 6 weeks

A negative fecal test performed annually

During summer months, monthly flea and tick prevention

At 6 months of age or older, all dogs are required to be spayed or neutered

*A CONSENT FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT FOR EACH BOARDING STAY. There are other required documents to be filled out for boarding and daycare once yearly, but if those documents are out of date or we do not have them on file for your pet we will let you know. To fill out the required documents ahead of time, please see the ONLINE FORMS section of our website.

There is no exception to these requirements unless stated by your veterinarian for medical reasons. If you do not use Chatfield Veterinary Hospital as your regular veterinarian, you must provide us with a copy of these vaccinations either before coming to daycare or boarding, or you may bring a copy with you when you drop off your pet.

Geriatric patients may have a reason that they no longer need to be vaccinated, a veterinarian will need to assess if your pet is eligible to decline vaccines.

PLEASE NOTE: if a patient is new to us or their wellness exam is overdue, an exam must be performed before we administer any vaccines. In the interest of your pet’s safety and well-being, it is recommended that your pet is up to date on all vaccines PRIOR to your boarding reservation or play date. We are not able to guarantee your pet’s vaccines can be updated during their stay

(Camera hours are 9:00am-6:00pm daily)

Boarding Cameras

The webcams for to boarding suites are password protected. If your dog is staying here please feel free to ask for the password if it is not already provided for you