**To inquire about grooming availability, please call 303-978-9750 and leave a message with the grooming department.**


Grooming your pet should be an experience for both the pet parent and the pet. You can start the grooming process after your pet receives its second set of vaccinations.

There are several ways to make the grooming transition easy on all parties:

  • Practice. We will send you home with a few exercises to work on prior to your first grooming appointment. You and your pet will both benefit from these exercises. Your pet will learn what is expected of him/her and you will learn how they are going to react in certain situations.
  • Communicate. If you know that your pet nips at the brush, clippers (or anything else), please tell our groomer so that we can make sure you pet has an enjoyable experience during their grooming appointment.
  • Still worried? An owner assist groom can be scheduled! You will be able to stay with your pet for a few minutes, or the entire time that your pet is in the grooming salon.
  • Each pet is different and should be treated that way. While many pets do much better without their owner being present, there are those that just can’t be calmed by anyone other than their owner.

Grooming schedules vary, depending upon the type of coat that your pet has. Most pets should be groomed at least every 6 weeks. Make sure to discuss skin conditions, allergies and type of medication or medicated shampoo being used on your pet. Between visits to the grooming salon, make sure that you are keeping your pet’s coat free of mats and debris. It only takes 1 thorn buried deep in a mat to cause a severe wound. When mats get wet they tighten, pulling skin into the mat, so don’t ever try to cut a mat out! If you have a concern, we are only a call away, and will help do our best to be there for you! Try to brush your pet on a regular basis, consider it your personal bonding time! They will love you for it! We look forward to spending a considerable amount of time with you and your “babies” in the future, and we are very grateful for your continued patronage and friendship.