Did You Know?

Dogs have color vision, although it is not as detailed as ours. They do especially well with blues and purples.

Dogs are very sensitive to theobromine, a chemical in chocolate. It causes irregular heartbeats and nervous system signs, and can be fatal—be sure to keep all chocolate away from your dogs!

All types of antifreeze can fatally damage a dog's kidneys. Unfortunately, it tastes sweet, so be sure your dog has no access to leaking vehicles, drained fluid or stored antifreeze bottles.

Dogs sometimes make a bizarre snorting noise called a reverse sneeze. The veterinary profession isn't sure what causes this, but dogs rarely need any treatment for it.

Dog "germs" are rarely contagious to humans. Dogs are seldom reservoirs for Strep throat either.

Never leave your dog loose in the car or a pickup truck bed. They should be in a dog seatbelt or a crate. Dogs tied in the back of trucks often jump out and get strangled, dragged, or run over.


Why does my dog eat grass?

No one knows why dogs eat grass. They often vomit after doing so, but we don't know if they eat the grass intentionally to relieve an upset stomach.

Can my dog catch my cold?

Dog "germs" are rarely contagious to humans and human germs are rarely contagious to dogs. Dogs are seldom reservoirs for Strep throat either.

Can I teach my old dog new tricks?


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